Monday, July 23, 2018

We had a wonderful last day of the Sunflower Festival–The Shandies were amazing, as usual, and were the perfect group to end us on a high note!

The sunflower field has peaked and is not open past the last day of the festival–which was Sunday, July 22.  Please keep your eye on us and come out and see us next year!  We will be shooting for mid-July again.

Thank you to everyone that came out–it was so rewarding to watch families, friends and couples having fun together–we will definitely do it again next year.

We are so happy to support CF/Kadyn’s Krew and thank you to all of you that bought sunflowers, bought our artists’ work, bought snacks and drinks–it all helps us support Kadyn’s Krew!  Except for that crazy wind on Thursday night, which was actually quite scary, we had some pretty amazing weather–we are so sorry if you were here Thursday night!!!  You definitely did not get the regular experience of the Sunflower Festival.

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