July 13, 2019–Special message to the photographers


Good morning–I have fielded so many calls from professional photographers wanting to bring their clients out to the sunflower field–we definitely welcome that!  I changed my message on my phone to explain how it works, but I think that people are thinking about what message they want to leave and don’t hear my message. 🙂

Photographers are welcome to bring their clients out during the Sunflower Festival.  If you want to come during our normal hours of 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., all adults, 16 and over, will pay the normal admission of $5 each.  If you would like to come early in the morning to capture that beautiful soft light, you will have to let me know and we will open the gate for you–that is a $25 flat fee.

We cannot be open to photographers outside of the five days of the Sunflower Festival due to our liability insurance.

Have a great day!

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