Sunflower Festival


The middle of the month of July is when our sunflower field is usually in full bloom.  We plant a dozen varieties of “cutting” sunflowers, with a variety of maturing dates, ensuring that when we start blooming, we will have a gorgeous field for a week to 10 days.

Admission to the Sunflower Festival is $5 per car, which will be credited back toward any purchases of sunflowers, beverages and snacks, or merchandise.

Admission includes access to the sunflower field for pictures and cutting, games and crafts for the kids,  chalkboard message signs for photos, and shaded picnic areas.  Please feel free to bring a picnic lunch or dinner and stay as long as you would like and take all the pictures you would like.  We also have beverages, both soft and adult, chips, cookies, trail mix and ice cream available.  We have live music on most evenings—watch the schedule for who’s playing.

We have gloves, pruners and baskets for you to use to cut sunflowers.  We encourage you to bring a bucket with water in your car to get the flowers home.  Use our potting bench to bundle your flowers with rubber bands or grab a vase and create your arrangement before you go.

Sunflowers are $1.50 per stem or $15 per dozen.  We are open July 15 – 21 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.