August 9, 2023 Peachy sunflowers!

Ok, so we have changed the business model just a bit. We are no longer bundling the sunflowers in groups of six–you should choose what you like. So, $1 per stem. ALSO, we have a brand new variety that finally bloomed–they are very peachy–the center is even peachy–very fun. Come see us. Our honor stand…

August 5, 2023 Thank you!

Good morning! Thank you so much to all our visitors at the Sunflower Honor Stand. I originally said we need cash or check, I forgot we have Venmo. Use @Kelley-Nichols-24. We are cutting as fast as we can!

Honor System Stand

Well, our field doesn’t look pretty enough to visit and take pictures, but we are still going to have a LOT of flowers–so, in keeping with traditions in other parts of the country, we have set up an honor-system stand where you can get a bundle of six sunflowers for $5. It is just south…

2023 Sunflower Festival cancelled

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that we won’t be able to open the sunflower field this year. Sunflowers are very drought resistant, but only after they get past a certain stage–unfortunately, we got no rain north of I-44 during that crucial time. We will likely have part of the…

July 23, 2022–Find your sunflowers!

We know you have been missing your sunflowers–they are for sale at Bootheel Produce on the Plaza and Parkcrest shopping center parking lots. Also, they are bundled and ready to be picked up at Harvest Restaurant at AD and 125 AND they are at Rosamungthorns Flowers and Gifts on Stewart Street behind the Plaza Shopping…

Aug 1, 2021–lost iphone

If you get home with an extra iPhone in a pinkish/purple case, please bring it back to the Sunflower Festival–reward will be paid!!!

August 1, 2021–Of course we had a storm

The storm destroyed our tents last night and we had to hustle a group of beautiful girls all dressed up for pictures into the barn. Andy Havens and Johnny Strickler were wonderful, but only got to play about 30 minutes because of the storm–major bummer. Thankfully, it will be cool today!

July 31, 2021–Evening music

We had to make a change in the music line-up and are so grateful that Andy Havens and Johnny Strickler are available to join us tonight–6:30 – 8:30. Bring your picnic basket!