Saturday will be fun! July 27, 2019

We had a great time yesterday at the Sunflower Festival. Uke 66 were so good last night and we are really looking forward to seeing The Missing Man Trio today and Amy Marrone and Relative Rhythm tonight!

Amazing first two days! July 26, 2019

Thanks to everyone that came out on Wednesday and Thursday–we had an amazing time. The Shandies started us off right on Wednesday night, we had a crowd we were not expecting and we scrambled to park folks, but Nelson mowed more of the pasture and the parking went very smoothly last night. Great turn out…

Festival Address

Just fielded multiple emails from folks that said they could not find our address on the website and, you know what, they were right, it was hard to find. I have added it to three more spots on the website and have added the word “HOME” to the link to the home page. My web…

July 16, 2019

Nelson spotted the first bloom yesterday–yay, we are assured the field will be pretty by next Wednesday!

July 13, 2019–Special message to the photographers

Good morning–I have fielded so many calls from professional photographers wanting to bring their clients out to the sunflower field–we definitely welcome that!  I changed my message on my phone to explain how it works, but I think that people are thinking about what message they want to leave and don’t hear my message. 🙂…

July 8, 2019

The weather has been so crazy, we have been very stressed about the Sunflower field, but this little bud tells me that we should have lots of blooms by July 24!